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Thursday, 7 June 2012


Frankly, I think to say that “we have a soul” as if it was something separate from ourselves is a bit of a counterproductive endeavor.

Our “soul” is that core of our being that does not change, but it is still us. If anything, I think we can safely say that THIS is who we really are, since it is the part of ourselves least inclined to change as we move from place to place and life to life. Just my two cents worth.

So then what about consciousness and the brain? The brain is your motherboard. Consciousness is that precious little bit of software than allows “souls” (or, better said, ourselves) to evolve.

So then how does consciousness occur? Well, there's a trick to it. You see, you have to become self-aware, to understand that oh-so-simple-yet-so-difficult concept of “I Am”. It's often that we take it for granted, once we learn how to speak, it's one of the first things we learn how to say. You know how it is, your family keeps saying your name, and after enough repetitions and hearing them speak, you eventually learn to answer their (rather annoying question) of “what's your name?” with your (equally annoying, most probably) parent-given denomination.

But that doesn't mean that you understand “I Am”. It just means you learned how to respond to their questions by taking queues from their facial expressions. Sure, that seems like a pretty intelligent thing to understand, and it is, but it doesn't make you self aware, and neither does growing up and identifying with, what is in fact, a word.

Of course, there is a pretty fair number of people who do eventually gain this self awareness, who understand what it is that makes them who they are, who understand that there are several characteristics within themselves that are transient (like for example, fashion tastes-they change over time, even if so many of us like to say that a certain style “is so me”) and other characteristics that are inborn, embedded into their being and unchanging( A.N.: I will make a separate post about this, methinks). It is in this awareness that consciousness is born.

I think that the more people become aware of their own consciousness, the easier it will be to see that age-old dream of Cooperation instead of Competition, the dream that has been dubbed Ascension.

Isn't Ascension itself a raising of consciousness? But one has to be self-aware to understand what consciousness is, and to eventually raise it to an ascended state.

And on a final note, I'd like to inquire... isn't it necessary also to be aware and sensitive to other people's own consciousness, so that we no longer treat others like they are not thinking, feeling beings just like ourselves?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012



I have recently had this conversation with one of my good friends about Time and what it is. My friend said that they were having a bit of trouble with the concept, so I attempted to explain time within the frame of my theory of Chaos.

I'm sure many of us are familiar with the idea that time is an illusion, it is relative (thank you, Prof. Einstein!); I hold that belief as well. Time is an illusion. What we perceive as the passing of time is given by a cyclical procession of events, such as the night-day cycle, or the seasons change, or we can tell “time” by the procession of wake-work/school-home.

Let's go on a small tangent and take that last example and elaborate it a little. For me at least, I have a sense of “time” only along this series of events, between waking up, going to work and returning home. Once I get off work, “time” ceases to exist for me. Whether I go out with my friends, or go home and enjoy some Internet browsing, there is a marked lack of time, in the sense that I seem disengaged from the perception of it. Sure, you'll say that lack of perception does not equate lack of existence... but then again, is that really so? On a quantum level, scientists continue to be baffled by the fact that subatomic particles seem to do a lot of logic-defying things, like being in two places at the same time, and as soon as someone “observes” them, they behave in the way that the observer expects them to behave.

Here is what I mean by that, explained much better than I could:

So yeah, thinking outside the box, maybe our perception of “reality” actually does shape said reality.

Back on the topic of time, let's look at Time in the context of my theory of Chaos. Chaos is a collection of vibrating strings, which represent both events and individual beings. Ok, maybe that isn't quite very clearly portrayed... Let's put it like this. Events are knots that tie more chaos-strings together, while individual beings are knots tied into only one chaos-string.

Chaos is the All-rule, containing the vibrating strings of Every Possibility Simultaneously. That is to say, anything that could happen, does happen at the same “time”, but we only perceive one version, one “timeline” of that event, one “vibration” of only one “string”.

But because of the multitude of possibilities and their respective timelines, to say that Time exists in an objective way is silly. It is a subjective perception, and not even a linear one. How many times have we reminisced about something from the “past”? How many times have we just had a “feeling” that we should slow our car down only to have an eighteen-wheeler rush by in front of us? It would have hit if we hadn't slowed down when we did. Our perception is not linear, and Time, being a subjective construct, is non-linear, not only because of that but also for the fact that at any given “moment” there are endless parallel possibilities that diverge out of that point.

So, from what I can tell, Time is a multilaterally- divergent illusion. Try to shift your perception out of it; what do you See?

P.S. Chaos is also the Null-rule, pertaining to nothingness. According to all that we've said about this so far, it means that everything exists and does not exist at the same time... Schroedinger's Cat anyone? :D


I have something to add. A few years ago, I was pondering about the relativity of time from the average Joe's perspective. I was out in the park at night with a highschool friend, and we were looking up at the stars. I couldn't help but notice, there were only a few and far between stars out, although it was late enough that any available star could be viewed.

Sure, the rational explanation for it is pretty simple. I live in a big city, a very polluted one. Pollution + street lamps make you see fewer stars than when you're at the seaside or the country side where the air is clean and there aren't so many street lamps illuminating everything in an almost maniacal fashion.

But you know what? Screw conventional rationalism. I had an idea back then, which has everything to do with time and its relativity and nothing to do with pollution.

I am an avid sky watcher, you see. I love looking up at it, at day and especially at night. It's simply charming. When I go to the country side, I can spend an entire night star gazing, because from there, where the air is clear and the night is unhindered by man-made illumination, you can actually see the myriads and myriads of stars that make up just a tentacle of our Milky Way galaxy. For a born and bred city dweller who loves nature such as myself, this is an amazing sight to behold. The sheer multitude of little lights, the understanding that I am actually seeing something I only hear about in an abstract fashion on the Discovery Channel, it is an exhilarating experience!

Back in the city, I still look up at the stars whenever I can, glad that I get to see even a few shy flickers anymore. It wasn't always so barren, the night sky. When I was a kid, I could still see more than this.

So as I nostalgically pondered on this that one night, I remembered that a lot of the “stars” we see are actually light from stars that might be long gone, but their light just now reached us. So basically we are looking up at the past, in a way.

I went on to reason that if we compare city stars to country side stars, and considering that the light we are seeing is a delayed luminous expression of a long dead star, then I wondered... what if time in the city and time in the country side are different (thus meaning that Time itself is not uniform and linear)? What if in a village, time flows slower? And if so why?

On that, I elaborated. Maybe Time itself is nothing but an accumulation of the people's perception of it. And the more people you have in an area, the “faster” it goes, thus explaining how time seems to go faster in a city than in a village.

I'm sure you know what I mean. In a large city everyone is on the run, hurrying, always feeling that there isn't enough time... If you've ever been in a village, you might have noticed that life there is pretty chill, the pace is slow and people generally tackle the day step by step, without hurrying like city-dwellers do.

So there you have it for my little alternative theory of time. Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, 4 June 2012


Alright, duckies. Lesson one.

Many have spoken before about a natural balance that must occur between Light and Darkness, which I do agree with. It has been stated many times that our current society (and planet) is severely lacking it, and that much is self-evident, otherwise, why in the hells would you be looking into this stuff in the first place? Besides, it's not as if the current state of affairs is doing anybody any favors, either spiritually or materially.

How come not spiritually, you ask? Sure, we've all heard it before, that us-in-spirit-form come here and incarnate as human and all the hardships we go through are meant to make us stronger.

Partially, that is true, and a very good philosophy, if you want to have something to hold on to so that you won't off yourself (lol). No, I am not trying to offend, I am just saying it as I see it. And yes, I have thought about suicide when I was a teen, but obviously I got over that phase, it is not uncommon, so shut it with the politically correct bullcrap. I'm not here to sugarcoat things for you.

Anyway, the part of the aforementioned philosophy that I don't particularly adhere to is the “meant to” part. See, I personally do not believe in anything that is “meant to be”, as if designed specifically for the needs of us mortals, out of the goodness of any higher power's heart. Or even for that higher power's sick pleasure. For all I know and care, there is no higher power, and if there is, it certainly isn't gonna be going round doing anyone any divine favors. Sorry if this rubs anyone the wrong way, like I said, I am not out to shit on anyone's parade (religious or otherwise) I am simply saying what I feel.

So, that being said, the way I complete this particular philosophical puzzle is in fact quite simple (to me). The answer lies within Chaos. The way I see it, everything you could ever possibly imagine, build, or create, and the things that you can't, have their origins in Chaos, and this includes you, me, and any gods you can think about.

You don't have to believe me, just hear me out, ok? Like I said I am not out to discredit anything or anyone.

So what is this about the Chaos? Simply put, it is a realm, but it is not, it is a thing and it is a consciousness, and it seeps into the cracks of everything that exists. Everything that exists belongs to it anyway. Order as well, is a particular case of chaos, if we are to define Chaos itself as the All-rule and the No-rule, both at the same time. So if within this (hypothetical) realm of Chaos that encompasses all, there is a “formula” for order (which I believe is the case) then in a sense, it has created its own opposite, while at the same time implying that the concept of opposites itself is more of an illusion than anything else. (Though I am unsatisfied with this theory, it feels very incomplete and I am working on it and will make an update of it once I fill in the blanks)

How does it tie into the philosophy I mentioned earlier? Well, my theory is similar to string theory, in that I believe that Everything in Existence is made up of little vibrating strings of Chaos, and that includes all possible events and their concurring realities, as well as living beings. So, in a sense, yes, Chaos does provide, but it does so whether you want it to or not. Whether your pain and suffering makes you stronger is all up to how determined you are to overcome your condition, how skillful you are at manipulating the strings of Chaos that tie everything together, and how much you are able to learn from the situation you find yourself in and the people that are beside you (whether they are friends or foes).
Do I find this comforting? ABSOLUTELY! :D I like my chaotic version of the world, I like the fact that it gives me true freedom of choice, freedom from the same old tired paradigms, and freedom to be master of my own destiny, without the need of any external higher power to redeem me from anything. Whatever I've done, it will be the consequences of those acts that serve as either my praise or my punishment. And that doesn't mean recklessly going off and doing bad things that hurt others, no, that is wrong by virtue of the fact that you are imposing your (harmful) will upon someone else, and that means clashing with several other wills of several other people, authorities, and why not, entities. It's up to you if you do something like that or not, but sooner or later, the ripples your harmful actions create within this massive chaotic web will come back to you and they will bite you in the ass. Like attracts like and all that.

Similarly, by doing good, the ripples that come back to you will also be of the same nature. Even if on this horrid little rock in space, it seems like it's not so, if you take a minute to think about it, we might find (to my admittedly stunned surprise :P) that I am right about this.

Let's take an example. My parents always whine about this, that it's not fair how only a few assholes get to live a life of plenty, without want of anything and without caring about tomorrow. I agree, that isn't fair, morally speaking ( I have moral standards, even though you might not think so at this moment in time). But applying my theory, these people made all their (most likely, dirty) money by playing the strings of chaos that bind people and events together in such a way as to get them more and more money. And this has been going on for millennia, some of these rich assholes may even be the direct descendants of some other rich assholes of the past, who manipulated the strings so skillfully that their progeny are still reaping the benefits.

Will it come to bite them in the ass, like I say it does everyone? I don't know, maybe. Could be them the ones that pay, could be their progeny. Who's to say, really? The better question is why are we letting them? The even better question is why does it matter? But that, my friends, is a discussion for another time.

For now, I can only hope I have managed to capture at least a few people's interest, and that I will make more sense once this blog gets rollin'.

Stick around. I've barely scratched the tip of this humongous iceberg, and there are many more wondrous things I have left to rant about! ^.^


Hello, I am D. Weaver! I won't go into any personal history of mine, it is irrelevant to the point of this blog.

You see, I've read enough blogs from people calling themselves Starseeds (not saying they're not, that is not my point) who post lengthy personal data of how they come from this-star-system and that-star-system, and they have such-and-such purpose here, to rain their joyous and ever-luminous luminosity down upon us sleepy and undeserving herds, but oh, out of the goodness of their lighty hearts, they shall...

Now, I really mean no offense to any Starseeds, and I do respect the work that even these people put into their writings, but please, could you stop being a self-important, grandiose, whity-lighty douche? Honestly, if you ask me, if everyone on the planet stopped being a douche, we'd probably “ascend” a lot faster.

So what IS the purpose of my blog? Well, besides the fact that I'm gonna sure try to make it fun, the main point of it is to offer you, the people of the internet, from trolls to believers, and all the shades in-between, the opportunity to (hopefully, if I am articulate enough :P ) peek into the side of things that not many have presented so far, from what I could tell.

And yes, just to make things clear from the start, the things I will write about will be heavily biased, in the sense that I will present them in the way that I have personally experienced them, and the pointers I will eventually be giving (energy work-wise) will be born of the things that I have learned on my own. Sorry, there is no way around that. You don't have to agree with me, you don't have to like me or my blog, but take a few minutes to read through it, I guarantee that I will not write anything that aims to rob you of your time.

So, with that out of the way, welcome ALL to my blog! ( It doesn't matter if you are a he, or a she, or a tranny, or a human, or identifying as otherkin, starseed, or a star from Hollywood, or Bollywood, or any other country, ALL of you are welcome on this blog!)

P.S. I know I have a tendency to rant (a bit, ok? :P ) but please, don't take it personally and just roll with the punchlines! ;)