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Monday, 4 June 2012


Hello, I am D. Weaver! I won't go into any personal history of mine, it is irrelevant to the point of this blog.

You see, I've read enough blogs from people calling themselves Starseeds (not saying they're not, that is not my point) who post lengthy personal data of how they come from this-star-system and that-star-system, and they have such-and-such purpose here, to rain their joyous and ever-luminous luminosity down upon us sleepy and undeserving herds, but oh, out of the goodness of their lighty hearts, they shall...

Now, I really mean no offense to any Starseeds, and I do respect the work that even these people put into their writings, but please, could you stop being a self-important, grandiose, whity-lighty douche? Honestly, if you ask me, if everyone on the planet stopped being a douche, we'd probably “ascend” a lot faster.

So what IS the purpose of my blog? Well, besides the fact that I'm gonna sure try to make it fun, the main point of it is to offer you, the people of the internet, from trolls to believers, and all the shades in-between, the opportunity to (hopefully, if I am articulate enough :P ) peek into the side of things that not many have presented so far, from what I could tell.

And yes, just to make things clear from the start, the things I will write about will be heavily biased, in the sense that I will present them in the way that I have personally experienced them, and the pointers I will eventually be giving (energy work-wise) will be born of the things that I have learned on my own. Sorry, there is no way around that. You don't have to agree with me, you don't have to like me or my blog, but take a few minutes to read through it, I guarantee that I will not write anything that aims to rob you of your time.

So, with that out of the way, welcome ALL to my blog! ( It doesn't matter if you are a he, or a she, or a tranny, or a human, or identifying as otherkin, starseed, or a star from Hollywood, or Bollywood, or any other country, ALL of you are welcome on this blog!)

P.S. I know I have a tendency to rant (a bit, ok? :P ) but please, don't take it personally and just roll with the punchlines! ;)

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