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Thursday, 7 June 2012


Frankly, I think to say that “we have a soul” as if it was something separate from ourselves is a bit of a counterproductive endeavor.

Our “soul” is that core of our being that does not change, but it is still us. If anything, I think we can safely say that THIS is who we really are, since it is the part of ourselves least inclined to change as we move from place to place and life to life. Just my two cents worth.

So then what about consciousness and the brain? The brain is your motherboard. Consciousness is that precious little bit of software than allows “souls” (or, better said, ourselves) to evolve.

So then how does consciousness occur? Well, there's a trick to it. You see, you have to become self-aware, to understand that oh-so-simple-yet-so-difficult concept of “I Am”. It's often that we take it for granted, once we learn how to speak, it's one of the first things we learn how to say. You know how it is, your family keeps saying your name, and after enough repetitions and hearing them speak, you eventually learn to answer their (rather annoying question) of “what's your name?” with your (equally annoying, most probably) parent-given denomination.

But that doesn't mean that you understand “I Am”. It just means you learned how to respond to their questions by taking queues from their facial expressions. Sure, that seems like a pretty intelligent thing to understand, and it is, but it doesn't make you self aware, and neither does growing up and identifying with, what is in fact, a word.

Of course, there is a pretty fair number of people who do eventually gain this self awareness, who understand what it is that makes them who they are, who understand that there are several characteristics within themselves that are transient (like for example, fashion tastes-they change over time, even if so many of us like to say that a certain style “is so me”) and other characteristics that are inborn, embedded into their being and unchanging( A.N.: I will make a separate post about this, methinks). It is in this awareness that consciousness is born.

I think that the more people become aware of their own consciousness, the easier it will be to see that age-old dream of Cooperation instead of Competition, the dream that has been dubbed Ascension.

Isn't Ascension itself a raising of consciousness? But one has to be self-aware to understand what consciousness is, and to eventually raise it to an ascended state.

And on a final note, I'd like to inquire... isn't it necessary also to be aware and sensitive to other people's own consciousness, so that we no longer treat others like they are not thinking, feeling beings just like ourselves?

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